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I have high hopes that The Finals will be world’s next big multiplayer shooter

I have high hopes that The Finals will be world’s next big multiplayer shooter

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Play it. The Finals offers a fresh perspective into the world of multiplayer games with its intense, futuristic shooter gameplay. The combination of fast-paced battles, destructible buildings, and silky smooth movement provides an exceptional strategic first-person shooter experience. Even with limited servers, The Finals shows a lot of promise—and I think it could be the world’s next biggest first-person shooter.


I played The Finals for four hours. I’ve completed nearly twenty quick-play matches and two ranked tournaments. I’ve reached account level eight and acquired three weapons from playing over time. I’ve only won seven quick-play games and I’m trying to get my first ranked tournament victory.


• Shooting players and throwing grenades. It’s been a while since I’ve had this much fun with a first-person shooter. Jumping from one rooftop to another, sliding into a room full of enemies, and silently stealing away objectives was one hell of a good time. Combat felt dynamic and frictionless, and all the mechanics were pretty easy to understand, so I had no issue getting right into the action.
• Getting the right loadout. From swords to SMGs and machine guns, I could deck out my character with different gear to suit my play style which felt really fun. While I did have to grind in-game resources to buy different guns, I liked that I had the flexibility to play however I wanted and I didn’t need to stick to specific weapons.
• It’s going to be big. I just know when The Finals officially launches, I’m going to be all over it for weeks. It’s dangerously addictive. There’s nothing in this game that feels terrible or out-of-touch. It’s not hard to believe that this multiplayer shooter might become the next big hit, and I’m all for it.
• Customizing weapons and characters. Using resources, I could customize my character with whatever clothes or bags I wanted and deck out my favorite guns with skins, stickers, and charms. Not only was it fun styling weapons and characters, but there were a lot of options to choose from. And since the game gave me free resources during the closed beta, I had all the freedom in the world to create my perfect fighter.
• Futuristic look. The Finals’ visual style is a hybrid of Mirror’s Edge and Hyper Scape. The game combines current-day modern architecture with advanced technology to create a familiar-yet-futuristic world to battle in. The entire game looks extremely well-made and beautiful.


• Too few servers. The Finals currently only features three regional servers (North America, Europe, and Asia), but I hope the game adds more in the future. Playing on the Asia server from Australia wasn’t the best experience. I encountered lag, delays, and sometimes I couldn’t find a match at all, which was a little annoying. Hopefully the game adds more regional servers for the official launch.
💬 Will you play The Finals or are you going to skip it? Let me know down in the comments!
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Hareth Albana
Hareth Albana

I Had Extenstive Seesions Playing This Game In The Last Two Days.... This Game Has The Potential To Be One Of The Greats.


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Jay Hunter
Jay Hunter Author

100% agree. I can't wait for it to globally release.


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