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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden
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📖 Storyline: Banishers Ghosts of new Enden is a narrative action-adventure game that immerses you in a fantastic and mysterious universe. You play as Red, a Scottish ghost hunter, and Antea, his companion-turned-wraith, in a quest to lift the curse that strikes the colony of New Eden in the 17th century. You will have to explore the snowy lands, fight evil spirits, and solve the puzzles that lie behind the veil between life and death.
🎮 Gameplay: The gameplay is varied and dynamic, alternating between phases of exploration, combat, and investigation. You can switch from one character to another at any time, taking advantage of their complementary abilities.  Red can interact with the physical world, use weapons and gadgets, and speak to the living. Antea can see into the realm of the dead, use his spectral powers, and communicate with ghosts. You will have to combine their talents to progress through the levels, solve the puzzles, and face the enemies. The game also features a progression system, which allows you to unlock new skills and customize your play style.
🎨 Graphics: The graphics are magnificent, with careful artistic direction and an immersive atmosphere. The game brilliantly transcribes the dark and haunting atmosphere of 17th century North America, mixing realism and fantasy. The settings are varied and detailed, ranging from colonial villages to snowy forests, haunted mines and secret temples. The effects of light and shadow are striking, creating a contrast between the world of the living and that of the dead. The animations are fluid and realistic, whether for the characters or for the supernatural creatures.
🎵 Sound: The sounds are also of high quality, with an original and captivating soundtrack, which perfectly accompanies the highlights of the game. The music is varied and adapted to the situations, going from epic to melancholic, from calm to intense. The sound effects are credible and immersive, reinforcing the impact of actions and events. The dubbing is excellent, with voices that fit the characters and express their emotions.
I really enjoyed this game and I highly recommend it. I underestimated it at first but it's definitely worth the detour.😉
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Your review just sold me on Banishers. Love a good narrative action-adventure game.


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The mechanics are simple, the visuals are atmospheric, and the music is haunting. Overall a small but great game to play 10/10
Ghost busting in colonial America should be spookier than this
SHOULD I PLAY BANISHERS: GHOSTS OF NEW EDEN? Check this one out if you’re a fan of other games from developer Don’t Nod, like Tell Me Why and Vampyr. In Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden you play a pair of ghost hunters—the banishers in the title—who have traveled to colonial New England to find their mentor and colleague, who has warned them of a terrible curse. It’s a great setting with some beautifully drawn characters filling out the story, but it unfolds at an awkwardly slow pace and features mediocre (if inoffensive) combat.
Ian Boudreau4K2024-02-14
Really lovely, or rather, horrifying horror game. Love it. Spookies for eveeyone who play it.
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