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Playing Some Of The Most Underrated Games In Roblox (Super Bomb Survival)

Playing Some Of The Most Underrated Games In Roblox (Super Bomb Survival)

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So I decided to play Super Bomb Survival since it goes under the radar a lot. It's one of those games you play every once in awhile then rage quit due to some random bug that spawns you in a grimbell or something (a grimbell is a  thing that auto kills you if you stay within its radius when it goes off). Think of it as a gas cloud/bomb that detonates. That's the only way I could describe it. Anyway, getting ricochet into the floor and getting stuck there, getting ricochet in the air and dying mid-air to nothing is also a major bug and probably the most annoying.
I could talk about the many bugs this game has but I'm not here for that. What makes this game great and highly underrated would be the game mechanics/gameplay. I would have to say most Roblox games, when it comes to the movement/controls, they feel very stiff, but with this game it feels very fluid. Also, in a sea of Robux heavy games, it's one of the only games that's very f2p friendly. Sure you can have 2 perks which is going to cost you 420 Robux, but it's not required. Not a lot $ compared to other games on the platform. I personally use 2 perks but you can keep your default loadout and still do great if skilled enough.
It's one of those experiences I can't really describe with words but I'll try my best. When you first pick up the game, it feels like playing a smash bros game for the first time or a bomberman game for the first time (only with bugs lol). Even now after playing over 50 Roblox games and probably many more, I keep coming back to this one. Overall, Super Bomb Survival is a very underrated game that deserves a chance and I'll post the link to the game as well as gameplay footage below.
Gameplay youtube link  1: https://youtu.be/Xp2cRcb6Tck
Gameplay youtube link 2: https://youtu.be/wHHeIqA1eUE
Link to game: https://www.roblox.com/games/164051105/Super-Bomb-Survival
Device: Android/PC
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Awesome, I'll definitely give Super Bomb Survival a try!


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cool. it def deserves a chance


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what ???


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